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Mid-IR Resistor Polycrystalline silicon Nanofils Microfluidic Polysilicon Micro-resonators Photonic TLM Fatty acid Stretchable electronics Organic electronics Carbon nanotubes ICP-CVD Thermos-responsive surfactant system Synthesis Silicon nanowires Photodetector Flexible electronics Photoluminescence Microcrystalline silicon Organic semiconductors Silicium Chemical detection Thin films Sphingomyelin CMOS integrated circuits Sensors LPCVD Deformation Transistors à effet de champ Active layer Gas sensor Nanowires Organic electronic devices Chemical sensors Μc-Si TFT Couches minces Silicium microcristallin PECVD Functionalization Polymers Μ-Si doped Electrical stability Polycrystalline materials Sensor Transistor à effet de champ organique In-situ doping Inkjet printing Organic field effect transistors Thin film circuits Flexible substrate Reproducibilities Thin Film Transistors Polymer PH Microsensors Nanofils de silicium Titanium nitride Electrical performance Gel/fluid phase transition Chemical sensor Copper CMOS compatible Organic field effect transistor Fonctionnalisation de surface Nanoribbons Microelectronics Plasma etching Field effect transistors Sensitivity Low-cost silicon nanowires devices Microcapteur Sphingomyelin lipids 2D-Numerical Simulation Thin film Low-frequency noise Photonics Deep UV polymer Low temperatures Thin film transistors Stabilité électrique Microcapteurs Silicon Doping Density of states Infrared Temperature Amorphous materials Strain gauge Integrated photonics Electrodes 1/f noise 1/ noise Diazonium salts Transistors en couches minces TFT Resistors Microfluidique Chalcogenide