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Ab initio calculations 7820Ci Magnetic materials Applied physics 7840-q CARBON Coercivity Ferromagnetic materials Arsenic alloys Interfaces Body-centered cubic alloy Magnetisation Coercive force ABSORPTION FINE-STRUCTURE Nucleation Channel-spark GLAD Epitaxial growth Nanostructured materials Bi2Se3 Crystal symmetry Bi-quantum-dot molecules Anatase Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy Spintronic Optical properties Spectroscopie vibrationnelle Curie temperature Gallium oxide Atomic force microscopy Coherent spectroscopy Manganese compounds Segregation Photoluminescence GRAPHITE 8575−d Epitaxy Pulsed laser deposition CoNi alloys Metamaterials Copper oxide Black crust Calcium compounds MnAs 8105Gc Coherent scattering Bianisotropy Chromium films Thin films Chemical vapour deposition Chemical vapor deposition processes Bilayers Crystal microstructure Metal-insulator transition Carbon monoxide Band structure Amorphous silicon nanoparticles Cobalt PIEnergie Quantum dots Oxygen deficiency DICHROISM Bi layers Magnetic films Electronic properties 7525−j Blocking temperature Adsorption Paramagnetic materials Defects Charge transfer Indium oxide Nanostructures 8115Cd 7547Lx Ellipsometry Nanowires Self-assembly Brillouin light scattering Vertical epitaxy X-ray diffraction Band alignment 7820-e ZnSe Thin film Beta-silicon-carbide Ferromagnetic resonance Magnetic anisotropy Spintronics Magnetic epitaxial layers Compton effect Magnetic domains Carbon CHEMICAL-VAPOR-DEPOSITION Conductivity 6855Ln Cu2O Crystal structure Copper indium oxide Molecular beam epitaxy