L’IRSAMC (The Institute of Research on Complex Atomic and Molecular Systems) is a federation of four laboratories (LCAR, LCPQ, LPCNO, LPT), in physics and fundamental chemistry whose research activities are supported both by the Université Paul Sabatier, the CNRS and INSA

Publications of 4 research laboratories

  • Hal-LCAR. - Laboratory Collisions Clusters Reactivity, from 1990 until todays
  • Hal-LCPQ. - Quantum Chemistry and Physics Laboratory, from 2007 until todays
  • Hal-LPCNO. - Physics and Chemistry of Nano Objects Laboratory, from 2006 until todays
  • Hal-LPT.- Theoretical Physics Laboratory, from 2003 until todays

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Main advantages

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  • Open access, accessible everywhere
  • Possibility of establishing lists of publications


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[hal-02001841] Impregnation of High-Magnetization FeCo Nanoparticles in Mesoporous Silicon: An Experimental Approach  (5/23/19)  
This paper deals with the synthesis of high-magnetization porous silicon-based nanocomposites. Using well-controlled organometallic synthesis of ferromagnetic FeCo nanoparticles, the impregnation of mesoporous silicon has been performed by immersion of porous silicon in a colloidal solution. The technique was optimized by controlling the temperature, the immersion duration, and the solvent nature. The characterization of the nanocomposites showed a homogeneous filling of the pores and a high magnetization of 135 emu/cm3. Such composites present a great interest for many applications including data storage, medical instrumentations, catalysis, or electronics.

[hal-01938084] Insights into the ligand shell, coordination mode, and reactivity of carboxylic acid capped metal oxide nanocrystals  (5/23/19)  
[hal-02136475] Many-body localization in a quasiperiodic Fibonacci chain  (5/23/19)  
[hal-02136446] Computing of 93Nb NMR Parameters of Solid-State Niobates. The Geometry Matters  (5/24/19)  
[hal-02133866] Spectral functions of Sr2IrO4: theory versus experiment  (5/22/19)  

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