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Critical phenomena Photoluminescence Cluster compounds Microwave Ferroelectric thin films Copper KTN Electrical properties Behavior Crystal structure Ab initio calculations Oxidative stress Lanthanides Chevrel phase Chitosan Liquid crystals Density functional theory Microstructure Manganites B Magnetic properties Chemical synthesis X-ray diffraction Composite Hyperfréquences PLD A Rare-earth intermetallics Pulsed laser deposition B Thermoelectric properties Magnetic measurements Intermetallics Perovskites DFT calculations Chemical solution deposition Couches minces COMPLEXES Magnetic materials Electronic structure Actinide alloys and compounds Molybdenum clusters Epitaxial growth Hybrid materials Nanomaterials Dysprosium Thermal analysis Thin films Electrical transport Deposition Rhenium Magnetocaloric effect Magnetic properties Defluoridation Optical properties EXAFS B Electrical resistance and other electrical properties Crystal growth Biomaterials Photocatalysis Heat capacity Dispositifs reconfigurables Luminescence Perovskite Density functional calculations Sintering Bioactive glass Structure Silica nanoparticles Adsorption Hydrothermal synthesis Cavity microelectrode Chalcogenide glasses Bending elasticity Ceramics Ferroélectriques Chevrel phases Synthesis Bioactivity Ferroelectric materials Magnetic-properties Electrodes Coplanar waveguides Crystallization Magnetic entropy Molybdenum Crystal-structure Nanoparticles Ferroelectrics Ligands Rare earth alloys and compounds Chalcogenide Thermoelectric properties Clusters Metal atom clusters Cerium Dielectric properties Cyclic voltammetry Cluster DFT Thin film Coordination polymers In vitro assays

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