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The "Coastal and Continental Morphodynamics" laboratory (M2C) is a Joint Research Unit (UMR 6143) created in 1996, under the supervision of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the university of Caen Normandie (UNICAEN) and the university of Rouen Normandy (URN). The staff of the laboratory includes 86 persons: 37 researchers, 21 engineers and technicians, 28 PhD students. The research of the M2C laboratory focuses on the characterization and modeling of natural processes dynamics in different compartments along the LAND-SEA continuum, at different scales of time and space. The research is organized into 5 themes::
  • Water and sediment cycles in watersheds;
  • Macrotidal estuarine environment: hydrodynamics interactions, sedimentology, biochemistry;
  • Dynamics of the coastline and of the internal platform;
  • Morphological evolution of coastal watersheds in response to climatic and tectonic forcing since the late Cenozoic;
  • Hydrodynamics, sediments and structures: Processes and interactions.


This research is carried out with an interdisciplinary approach integrating researchers specialized in mechanics, geosciences, oceanography, hydrology, microbiology and ecology of organisms. Our research combines in-situ measurements with numerous dedicated equipment, experimental approaches and numerical moodeling.

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Last publications

[hal-02289073] Uncertainties associated with in situ high-frequency long-term observations of suspended particulate matter concentration using optical and acoustic sensors  (17/09/2019)  
[hal-02164383] Architecture sédimentaire de la flèche de galets de La Mollière (Baie de Somme) : Une étude par prospection géoradar  (27/06/2019)  
[hal-02282820] Combined spatial and retrospective analysis of fluoroalkyl chemicals in fluvial sediments reveal changes in levels and patterns over the last 40 years  (16/09/2019)  
[hal-02276909] Characterization of elements at risk in the multirisk coastal context and at different spatial scales: Multi-database integration (normandy, France).  (05/09/2019)  
[hal-02166657] Hydrodynamic behaviour of mollusc shell debris: influence of faunal composition  (28/06/2019)  
[hal-02166667] Morphology and internal structure of mixed bio-siliciclactic coastal barriers: flume experiments  (28/06/2019)  
[hal-02280889] PaCTS 1.0: A Crowdsourced Reporting Standard for Paleoclimate Data  (12/09/2019)  
[hal-02186056] Links between karst hydrogeological properties and statistical characteristics of spring discharge time series: a theoretical study  (27/08/2019)  
[hal-02062245] Quantification of tributaries contributions using a confluence-based sediment fingerprinting approach in the Canche river watershed (France)  (05/04/2019)  
[hal-02153169] Tree-ring patterns to unravel storminess archives on the western coast of Cotentin, Normandy, France  (14/06/2019)  



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M2C lab. in Caen

Morphodynamique Continentale et Côtière
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M2C lab. in Rouen

Morphodynamique Continentale et Côtière
Université de Rouen Normandie (bâtiment Blondel Nord)
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