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Scaffolding All-optical WDM networks Wireless sensor networks Matching Lot-sizing Benders decomposition Vehicle routing Multicast ILP Light-trail Column Generation Path generation Branch-and-Cut Multicast routing Multicommodity flows Quality of service K-adaptability Complexité Energy-aware engineering Bi-level programming Spanning tree Lifetime Multi-stage robust optimization Combinatorial optimization Ordonnancement FPT algorithm Exascale Mixed-integer programming Budgeted uncertainty Approximation ratio Hierarchy Constrained shortest path Approximation algorithm Multiple strip packing Integer Linear Programming ILP Coupled-task scheduling model Routing Branch and Price Parallel job Integer programming Approximation algorithms Robust optimization Scheduling K-Adaptability Light-forest Approximability Optimisation Replication Localisation RPL Approximation Model Driven Engineering Column generation Minimization of Branch Vertices Free space optics Network design Complexity & approximation Variable link capacity Optimisation combinatoire Homomorphism Sparse splitting K-MBVST Réseaux de capteurs Multi-constrained Steiner problem Linear programming Network Loading Problem Complexity Compatibility graph MBVST FSO Spanning Hierarchy Robust Optimization Linear and mixed-integer programming Branch vertices constraint Affine routing Fault-tolerance Graph theory Dynamic programming WDM network MODEL-CHECKING Constraint programming Multidimensional binary vector assignment Wavelength minimization Bass model Time windows Multi-trip Coupled-tasks Checkpointing Homomorphisme Lot-sizing problem Integer Programming Optimization Capacity Expansion Light-hierarchy Cutting plane Degree-Constrained Spanning Problem Light-tree Optical Networks Chordal graphs Heuristic