Abstract : The present work aims at studying contact phenomena within aircraft engines. These events occur for instance when severe manoeuvrings are operated or when the engine bears a blade-off event. Two approaches are used simultaneously. The former is a numerical one and consists in a fine rotor/stator contact simulation. Various contactimpact algorithms and time integration schemes are tested on elementary cases. The Lagrange multiplier method appears to be the most appropriate one for dynamic studies. The latter approach is an experimental one and consists in a vibratory study of the mechanical coupling between the casing and the fan bladed disk so as to determine what parameters generate interaction. A simplified experimental test rig is used. Interaction is produced with selected casing and blade modes.
Type de document :
Communication dans un congrès
Jean-Louis Batoz, Patrick Chedmail, Gerard Cognet, Clément Fortin. 2nd Integrated Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering Conference (IMMD'98), May 1998, Compiègne, France. Springer, pp.35-42, 1999, Integrated Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering ’98. 〈10.1007/978-94-015-9198-0_5 _5 _5& s_cs-details')">Masquer le  Dmain" >de document :
un congrès
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